How to look stunning this Valentine’s day?

Valentine makeup, Valentine prep

As we approach Valentine’s day, it’s time to groom yourself for the special day for your special person. It’s time to soften your cheeks and bring back the glow to look best on the valentine’s day. Here are some tips that you should follow to make your valentine’s day even more special.

Skin – Moisturize, exfoliate and cleanse

massage, spa, skin moisturizer
Spa, moisturizer, massage
  • Mositurize

    Always apply good amount of moisturizer on your face, hands and feet. Most effective way to soften your skin is to apply moisturizer at night before going to bed as at the night time we are more relaxed and our skin cells are on repairing mode.

  • Exfoliation

The most effective way to bring back the inner glow of your skin is by exfoliating your skin more often. Make a habit of exfoliating your body and facial skin to get rid of all the dead cells that makes you look dull.

  • Deep cleansing

It’s really important to go for deep cleansing of your face before valentine’s day to rid of all those gross blackheads and oil on the face which make you look awful. So fix your appointment with a skin professional for facials or deep clean up at

  • Waxing

Makes sure that you get your waxing done at home by a professional otherwise you are going to have small bumps and small hair patches everywhere. Before waxing exfoliate your skin gently with some warm water so that your skin pores get open which makes the waxing process much easier and less painful. After waxing apply some aloe vera gel or moisturizer on  your skin to make your skin smooth and to close the pores.

Waxing at home on Valentine
Get Waxing at home for Valentine

How to keep feet healthy and beautiful?

  • Moisturize FEET

To make your feet look soft on valentine’s day, it’s important to moisturize your feet daily both in morning and night time. Apply a good amount of moisturizer and put on your socks at night time, in this way the moisturizer works better.

  • Pedicure Regularly

For sure, you are going to wear your heels on the valentine’s day and undone nails is a big  NO No on the special day. So, fix a pedicure and manicure appointment with an expert at to make your nails on fleak on Valentine ’s Day.

How to have beautiful and strong Hair?

Hair Straightening or Blow dry hairs at home, party hairstyle for valentine
Hair straightening or blow dry hair
  • Oil your hair

Shampoo and conditioner is not enough for your hair. Oiling is the key to keep the smoothness and shine of your hair alive. So make sure to oil your often. Apply oil in your hair two hour prior to your head bath as oil is a natural conditioner. If you want to have better results leave the oil in your overnight to make your hair shinier.

  • Hair spa

    Hair spa is the best option that you should go for before Valentines day. So fix your appointment with a hair professional to bring back the glow and shine of your hair.

    How to look great in party Makeup this valentine?

Beautiful Valentine Makeup,
Valentine Party makeup
  • Rosy Lips

Don’t go for nude browns or pop colors. Rosewood,nude pink and bold red are go to color for valentines day . It adds more to your personality and your face looks bright and beautiful automatically .

  • Plump No Clump Lashes

Add three coats of mascara to your lashes to make them look more voluminous and long at the same time. Make sure that you don’t clump your lashes with so many coats. Brush out your lashes after every coat with a lash groomer or spooley otherwise your lashes will look spidery and not so natural at all.

  • Highlight like a pro

Strobing is much in trend these days, so make sure to put a highlight on cheek bone, brow bone ,tip and bridge of your nose .So, that’s how you to be a golden goddess. Go for a pink tone highlighter for your cheeks and champagne  colored highlighter for the rest of the areas. Don’t worry if you overdo it because let’s be honest girl ,you can never have much highlight.

  • Blushy Cheeks

Choose a rosy or peachy blush for your cheeks otherwise your face may look washed out. Apply your blush while smiling so that your cheeks look rosy and blushy while smiling.

Valentine’s day prep is not a one day affair, it requires all the above step. Don’t panic and just start pampering yourself from today only and get sorted by just booking your appointment at


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