Holi special skin and hair hacks

Jacho Holi special - Skin and hair hacks


Lets gear up for the most loved and colorful  festival of India with our Holi special edition . It is time to play with colors , it’s time to splash water balloons on each others face. Holi is all about playing with colors, dancing on the beat of dhol and welcoming summer. We want your holi to be skin and hair carefree from colors. While playing holi, there are few things that are related to skin and hair that are required to be taken care of.

Hair hacks for holi

There are few hair hacks that can be followed :

Oil your hair

The holi color consist of many chemicals that may harm your hair. Holi colors makes our hair rough and weak. These  colors has a harsh effect on our scalp and makes our hair roots weak and can lead to major hair fall. If you can use chemical free natural colors will be ideal but that is just not possible if someone really wants to enjoy. So the best way is to protect your hair with oil. Although any hair oil which you like will be great, but heavy oils like caster oil blocks the harsh effect of holi colors better. Coconut oil is also best. So this time apply a good amount of oil before celebrating holi.

Head bath

Right after playing holi, it’s important to take a head bath immediately. Before applying shampoo its important to let the water run clear from your hair . So, take a nice head bath and use generous amount of hair conditioner on your hair after shampoo.

Hair Spa

It’s very important to take a hair spa right after the holi to bring back the nourished hair which is possible only with a hair spa. You don’t even need to step out of house for hair spa. You can get professional hair spa from Jacho specially designed to get rid of stubbourn harsh colors and get you lustrous, soft and nourished hair. So book your hair spa now to get a pampering and relaxing hair spa at home.

Skincare Hacks for Holi

Moisturize your skin

The most important thing that you need to do before holi is to apply moisturizer all over your face, neck, arms and legs. For oily skin you can use gel based moisturizer. Moisturizer acts as a skin gaurd and protect your skin from direct harsh chemicals. It gets easy to wash out all the holi colors if you already have a layer of moisturizer/gel on your skin. Try to avoid oil based holi colors, they turn out to be very stubborn and difficult to remove from skin.

Apply sunscreens

It’s very obvious that you will be playing holi outside your house. That means your skin will be definitely exposed to sun. You can not have fun in sun while playing without sunscreen on your skin . Make sure to apply SPF 50 or above sunscreen before playing holi outside. UV rays and harsh colors is gonna team up and will play against your skin, therefore protect your skin from sunscreen as per your skin type.

Lock your lips with balm

Not only your skin but lip requires a good care too as are lips are too sensitive. So, apply a nice lip balms on your lips so that the color don’t stick to your soft lips. Post holi, exfoliate and moisturize your skin. Lips are very sensitive so you may follow CTM.

Professional Deep clean up

Post holi, its always great to get professional beauty services at home for deep clean up or facial to get your skin repair from harsh color and sun exposure. Jacho provides excellent beauty services at home and have great post holi packages to pamper you and get your glow back.

Nail Hacks

Hands and nails are the most exposed body parts to holi colors. Many people are not able to get rid of colors from hands and nails for many days. If you like to paint your nails, then don’t miss the chance of painting your nails on the holi day. Nail paint will protect your nails from holi colors and will add a festive feeling of color all over the place. It is also suggested to paint your nails even from inside to completely protect your nails from colors.

Jacho team hopes that your life will always be like holi, colourful, joyful and happy. Have a great time at holi and don’t forget to follow these hacks at holi time.


Stay beautiful!!!!

Team Jacho

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