Why girls are worried about Bridal makeup and Pre-bridal packages

FAQs for to-be-brides

FAQs for To-Be-Brides {Part-1}

It’s your show to-be-brides; your time to call the shots! It is your turn to shine; so, leave no room for confusions and conflicts, by planning things meticulously, as you dream of making your wedding journey a success. Though the queries of any to-be-bride are endless & unique, still we have compiled for you the list of FAQs covering most of your pre-bridal & bridal makeup queries, pre-bridal packages & beauty services and bridal makeup.

Q-1 When should I start planning?

Generally, the Pre-Bridal maintenance packages or Routine packages are availed from the month of booking of the venue. But, we recommend that for accomplishing more desirable results, to-be-brides should indulge in these services, 3-6 months prior to their wedding.

Q-2 Why Pre-Bridal Services are important and how soon should I begin?

Pre-bridal beauty services offer all beauty treatments to pamper you from head to toe. Albeit there are tons of things to take care of, but you, being the to-be-bride, are pivotal to all celebrations. The Pre-bridal services are crucial as they assist in pacifying down your jitters; during this period your stylists schedule a grooming routine that you need to follow religiously. After all, who doesn’t dream of being the most ravishing bride! For any pre-bridal package & services to be effective, it should be availed 4-5 months before the beginning of your D-day adventures.

Q-3 How should I frame the budget for my bridal makeup?

The budget can vary & depend on multifarious factors as the destination of the wedding &  expertize of the makeup artist. The cost of makeup services may commence from Rs. 5,000  in tier 2 cities and can charge upwards of Rs. 25,000, if you wish to hire top makeup artists. To reach a decision, you need to find a balance between how much is affordable to you & the extent of expenditure you are ready avail to look your best.

Q-4 Which pre-bridal services are really mandatory to have?

The occasion of wedding is unparalleled & beyond any other festivity; thus calls for certain quintessential services as Full body massage, Hair Treatments as Straightening & Smoothening, Body Polishing for exfoliation & tan removal, Hair coloring & Highlighting for your luscious locks, Hair Spa to nourish your tresses, Body waxing, Manicures and Pedicures, Facials or clean ups for skin maintenance.

Q-5 How far in advance of my wedding date should I book my makeup and hair services?

We believe the earlier you book, the better it is! Be sure to secure the makeup & hair services date 4 to 6 months prior to your wedding date; This can save the confusion & disappointment as everything will be organized in time. In case of urgency or little notice period, let us know to see if we can save some room for you.

Q-6 Which is more important – Makeup Artist or Brands?

Albeit Brands have their own niche, but the magic at hands of an expert artist stands unchallenged in the process of making any bride look flawless.

A good makeup artist, undoubtedly, can do wonders with makeup using local brands; but it is an irrefutable fact that good brands help an artist do his work better besides being safe to use on brides.

Q-7 What hairstyle should I pick? What if I don’t know what I want for my hair and makeup?

You can share with us the ideas & pictures regarding the hair-dos & makeup that you like and we can help you narrow down the options best suited for you on the basis of your facial structure, your wedding dress & the wedding theme.

Then, we can have trails to seal the look apt for you & we are sure that you will love it!

Q-8 I have short hair but I want it to look longer, what can I do?

You can order or buy clip-in extensions & during the trial, the artist can display how the look would form up with your bridal style. In case of any doubts, you can always consult the hair professional for suggestions & recommendations.

Q-9 Will my Hair and Makeup last long enough?

For us, the indication of a successful bridal makeup & hair-do is the time it lasts for; after all, it’s your wedding day & no bride deserves a slackening hair-do or her makeup spanning across her face during her ceremonies! So, Lovelies, be assured that our skilled artists & quality products will never let you land midst that messy situation. But we do recommend minor touch ups to keep you bright and breezy.

Hopefully, most of your queries would be fulfilled after going through this article. But stay tuned for more Advanced Queries that would unlock more complicated queries. Jacho would be posting a ‘Part-2’ after a while. So, keep in touch till then!


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