What were Cleopatra’s beauty secrets?

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Revealing Cleopatra’s Secrets this Woman’s Day

A woman’s charm and irresistibly is ageless and comes from within. The beauty of a woman is her greatest weapon regardless her age and color. 8th march is celebrated as international Women’s Day and this year we would like to honor it with spreading the secrets of the most influential woman who brought about a revolution in the beauty care.

Cleopatra was considered to be the most enchanting and a very gorgeous lady of her time. She was the queen of Egypt,  very intelligent and a remarkably powerful ruler. It is said that at first glance anyone could fall in love with her beauty. She could also make a man fall for her with her melodious voice along with frequent changes in the tone. Even the Great Julius Caesar fell in love with her the first time he saw her. She had a deep sense about the art of beauty and seduction. She made use of all the natural products to rejuvenate her skin and make it flawless.

Fortunately, all her beauty secrets have been recorded and are passed on from generation to another. We are glad to share some of the secrets with you that will add a bonus to this women’s day.Almond oil was one of her favorites and she used to get a hot oil massage with it to make the skin smooth and soft.For bathing, she was all for milk and honey. Adding milk and honey to bath provides all the essential minerals that our skin requires.

Face moisturizing regime consisted of different products but her personal best was aloe vera gel. Applying aloe vera gel makes the skin shiny and moisturized.Skin exfoliation has always been essential and for that she used sea salt and olive oil. These natural ingredients gently exfoliates and do no harm to skin.

She accorded a lot of importance to her hair and used egg for hair care frequently. She developed a natural hair shampoo with eggs and water that provided her hair with natural vitamins and minerals. This made her standout with silky and soft hair and reduced damage.

Castor oil, rose water, apple cider vinegar, natural henna, oat meal, white clay, mud clay and many more were part of her skin care regime.

The beauty of Cleopatra was incomparable with any of the women of her times. The charisma and the cleverness to present herself was exceptional and made every one spellbound. She gave all the women the gift of self care and self love that could make each and everyone of us feel special and confident.

This day every woman must learn a combination of beauty and intelligence can make win wars even today just like Cleopatra did ages ago. Wish you a very happy woman’s day from Jacho.


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