Bad hair day hacks

bad hair day hacks

We all have been there and done that, but trust me it has made our days even tougher. There are days when we flash out our glossy hair making an impression on almost everyone and then there are nightmares- you wake up to realize that you are having a ‘bad hair day’. It is that occasion when your hair would be rebellious and would refuse to fall into place. The more you are strict with them the more you lose control. Your regular hairstyles don’t do justice to you, making you look a plain nerd.

Bad hair days are very common and frequently occurring. But its not rocket science. You can make your flaws your swords and rule the world. So we got a plenty of hacks to turn your bad hair days into good ones. Let’s get down to business.

    • Messy updo:

messy updo
Bad hair day hack – Messy Updo

Messy buns are every girls go-for and easy-to-do hair tying technique. There are plenty of ways to get a messy bun right. Use hair-ties or pins and make your own version of a perfect messy bun. Tie up your hair in a regular ponytail and then roll on your hair around the centre. Set them with pins as much as required and then pull out the short hair. Voila! You are ready to face another day.

    • Braids:

Bad hair day hack – braid

One of the best things about braids is that there are plenty of ways to create them. It doesn’t matter  if its your bad hair day, you can always add a little spice to your look with braids. For a tip, you can start by braiding the sides above ear so that you have one braid on each side. Then, pin them up on the opposite direction making a head bad. Conceal your bad hair day under braids and shine out.

    • Side plait

hair style with side plait
bad hair day hack- side plait

If braids are not your thing then go for plaits. Side plaits are trendy and very stylish. Plaits are easy to make and it doesn’t even consume much precious time. Just start by flipping all the hair to any one side that you prefer and part the hair into three sections. Then start overlapping one another simultaneously and tie the end with a band. You can create plain plait, French plait or even a fish tail and call it a day.

    • Blow it away!

blow dry bad hair
bad hair day hack – blow dry hair

Many  of us are unaware of the fact that blow drying is a remedy for a bad hair day. Here’s the trick- all you need is a hair brush and a blow dryer. When your hair is all oily and flat and seems like it doesn’t have any volume then just blow them out. A quick 15 minute styling with a blow dryer will take away all the oil and will add bounce to your not-so-silky hair.

    • My way- Highway!

Hair style with a cap
Bad hair day hack – wearing hat/ cap

If you are one those lazy people who would only sob over problems  but won’t move mountains to create a change then we have a sympathy for you. Just don’t put all worry to it and wear a hat or cap. Seriously! Wear a cap. Nobody would ever know what’s under that. it will be your little secret. And anyways, who cares what the world says. Just be yourself and love yourself in all conditions. Embrace the beautiful mess that you are.



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